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Michael and I discuss Buckley, Reagan, Christians who think America is Old Testament Israel, the media, and plenty of other juicy topics as we continue our discussion of his brand new book The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics.

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I welcome Michael Malice back to the show to discuss "democracy," the system where the people's voices are heard -- or so the story goes.

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On day two of Michael Malice week we discuss humor and the dissident Right: how it uses humor, whether some things are too serious to joke about, humor as an essential tool against the state, and more.

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Michael Malice joins me to discuss his new book on what he calls the "New Right," a disparate group of thinkers and activists who operate without a thought for Conservatism, Inc., who oppose progressivism not just on the margins but at its core, and yet who disagree among themselves with respect to a positive program.

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The best band you've never heard of is Big Big Train, which Brad Birzer told me about for the first time on this very podcast. If you're used to conventional radio hits, your life is about to be improved, I promise you. You did not realize music could be this good. The great David Longdon, Big Big Train's lead vocalist, joins us for this episode. Guest co-host Brad Birzer of Hillsdale College and Progarchy joins me as guest co-host.

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At this year's state convention of the Libertarian Party of Florida, Mises Institute president Jeff Deist delivered remarks that I think are important, well stated, and to my mind completely convincing.

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Rachel Fulton Brown, a professor of history at the University of Chicago, has been at the center of a controversy within medieval studies over race and "white supremacy" within the field. The New York Times recently published a report indicating that if anything the controversy is heating up.

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In this keynote address to the state convention of the Libertarian Party of Florida, I consider the question: if our position is so compelling, why aren't we doing a better job of persuading people?

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Richard Gamble of Hillsdale College examines Julia Ward Howe's Battle Hymn of the Republic -- its history and theology -- and how it fits into the American civil religion, whereby the United States government is the instrument of righteousness not only here at home but around the world as well.

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Kristian Niemietz joins me to discuss the persistent attraction of socialism despite its terrible track record, and the excuses and apologias its supporters offer in order to justify their ongoing faith.

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