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One side claims the Deep State is a figment of our imagination. Another thinks of Trump as a fearless crusader against it. Both sides are missing something very important.

Show notes for Ep. 1170

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Keith Knight joins me to discuss themes in "The Ultimate Red Pill," his epic video bringing together the best anti-statist arguments and clips. We talk about which arguments work best to get people thinking in new ways, which arguments reached him, and the one thing every 16-year-old should read to be inoculated against socialism.

Show notes for Ep. 1169

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Carla Gericke, board member and former president of the Free State Project, discusses ongoing if underreported libertarian victories in New Hampshire, her own campaign for state senate, whether and why libertarians should pursue politics, and a lot more.

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As Michael Malice prepares to start his evening news recap show and moves his existing show to another network, I offer suggestions on how to build an audience: what works, what doesn't, how you can exploit your enemies to increase your popularity, and a lot more. Plenty of lessons here for business and for life.

Show notes for Ep. 1167

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This episode begins with my five-minute opening statement from a FreedomFest debate on abolishing the Federal Reserve System, and then proceeds to discuss further problems with the Fed (as well as problems with the so-called Greenbackers, whose critique of the Fed is that they'd prefer to see the Treasury inflate the currency instead). Plus a very funny story that you shouldn't miss.

Show notes for Ep. 1166

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Naomi Brockwell -- TV producer, cryptocurrency expert, and libertarian -- joins me to discuss new frontiers in cryptocurrency, how to explain Bitcoin to your grandmother, replies to cryptocurrency skeptics, what it's like to work for John Stossel, and a lot more.

Show notes for Ep. 1165

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Is there such a thing as "cultural Marxism"? If so, what is it? And what was the Frankfurt School, and what was it trying to accomplish? Paul Gottfried, who holds a Ph.D. in history from Yale and has written extensively on these subjects, joins me to get to the bottom of it all.

Show notes for Ep. 1164

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The Spanish-American War anticipated important themes in the interventionist foreign policy that was to come over the next century. The host of the Dangerous History Podcast joins me to discuss its causes and long-term significance.

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Mark Pulliam joins me to discuss the politicization of American law schools and the role played by the American Bar Association, which enjoys state-bestowed monopoly privileges.

Show notes for Ep. 1162

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Matt McWilliams is more likely to be at the zoo with his kids at 2:00pm than he is to be behind a desk.

Matt is a libertarian and a homeschooling father, and served as an officer in the Libertarian Party at the local level. He's now an expert affiliate marketer, and has managed the affiliate programs of some of the top names on the Internet -- in fact, at the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Matt was named the top affiliate marketing manager in the world. He brings that expertise to this discussion of what works and what doesn't when it comes to online business and affiliate marketing.

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