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What a pleasure to be joined once again by David Stockman! I strongly urge you to visit his blog and check out his latest book, The Great Deformation (see below).

Issues Discussed

  • Financial reporters whose articles take Keynesianism as an unstated starting point
  • Is the apparent Chinese prosperity real?
  • If China’s economy suffers a reversal, how would this affect the American consumer and economy?
  • Why did a Harvard professor recently urge the abolition of cash?
  • How can Paul Krugman claim that nonexistent “austerity” failed, but not think Japan’s experiment in Keynesianism failed?
  • What’s the story in Japan?

About the Guest

David Stockman, a former member of the U.S. Congress, served as chairman of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan (1981-1985). Following a subsequent career on Wall Street, Stockman opened his own private equity fund company, Heartland Industrial Partners, in Greenwich, Connecticut.


David Stockman, The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America.

Articles Mentioned

Guest’s Website

David Stockman’s Contra Corner

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