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Corporations aren’t people, say protestors. Corporations are creatures of the state, say some libertarians. What’s the truth? Should libertarians support the corporate form or not? That’s the topic of discussion on today’s episode, with guest Stephan Kinsella.

About the Guest

Stephan Kinsella is Founder and Executive Editor of Libertarian Papers, Founder and Director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom(C4SIF), a member of the Editorial Board of Reason Papers, a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Molinari Review, a member of the Advisory Board of the Lexington Books series Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and a member of the Advisory Council of theGovernment Waste and Over-regulation Council of the Our America Initiative (2014—). A registered patent attorney and former adjunct professor at South Texas College of Law, Stephan has published numerous articles and books on IP law, international law, and the application of libertarian principles to legal topics. He received an LL.M. in international business law from King’s College London, a JD from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at LSU, and BSEE and MSEE degrees from LSU.

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