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Whether his colleagues like it or not, Paul Krugman is the public face of the Keynesian establishment.  Replying to Krugman, therefore, involves more than criticizing just one person. Today Bob Murphy takes apart Krugman’s most recent New York Times column, in which he tries to defend Keynesianism against critics.

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Robert P. Murphy holds a Ph.D. in economics from New York University. He is the author of numerous books (see below), including study guides to Ludwig von Mises’ Human Action (study guide here) and The Theory of Money and Credit (study guide here), and Murray Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State (study guide here).

Articles Discussed

Anti-Keynesian Delusions,” by Paul Krugman
My Reply to Krugman on Austrian Business-Cycle Theory,” by Bob Murphy

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Krugman and the Babysitters,” by David Gordon

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Books by the Guest

Lessons for the Young Economist (free textbook; click here for a free teacher’s manual)

Chaos Theory (available free)

Understanding Bitcoin (with Silas Barta; available free)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism (also available as an audiobook)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal (also available as an audiobook)


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Robert Murphy

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