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The singer who goes by the name Oliver Anthony took America by storm with his unexpected hit "Rich Men North of Richmond." He correctly identified the villains in America -- not rich people as a class, but a specific group of unjustly rich people. At the same time, the powers that be are not shaking in their boots that someone singing "Ain't Got a Dollar" is popular among the masses; that's exactly the mentality they want the masses to have. John Bush joins us to talk this all through, as well as to discuss his personal story of going from borderline desperation to success.

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Typically when people seek the origins of woke ideology, they point to this or that philosopher or philosophical movement. Richard Hanania says the answer is far more mundane: it is a direct result of the idiosyncratic twists and turns of civil rights law. Thus wokeism is in fact a creature of the state.

Book Discussed: The Origins of Woke: Civil Rights Law, Corporate America, and the Triumph of Identity Politics

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