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In a recent episode, David Stockman showed just how sluggish the economic recovery has been. But why has it been so sluggish? Wolf von Laer explains precisely how the state has held the economy back.

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I was recently a guest on Radio Mises, the podcast of Mises Sweden. We discussed the limits of allowable opinion, religion and liberty, Ron Paul, Sweden's history, decentralization, and much more.

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Where does the underclass come from? Poor economic conditions and a lack of opportunity, says the left. It's the incentives of the welfare state, says the right. The correct answer is more subtle, says today's guest.

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Libertarians assume Alexander Hamilton is their archenemy, but Michael Malice insists that's not correct. Michael and I have an extremely stimulating exchange of ideas in today's episode!

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James Bovard, the author of ten books, is an investigative journalist who has written for a wide variety of publications.

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Robert Reich keeps on making consistently fallacious but widely viewed short videos on economic topics. His video demanding a $15 minimum wage is a case in point. Thankfully, you have this episode to help you fight back.

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Why is it that despite your excellent arguments, you can't seem to get any traction with a lot of people? Is it enough to appeal to people's reason? Jonathan Haidt offers a provocative argument about how people come to hold their views.

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The irreplaceable Walter Williams smacks down the conventional wisdom on everything from so-called white privilege to education, government spending and debt, and much more.

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It's not uncommon to hear it said that Jesus was a socialist and that the early Church practiced socialism. None of this is true, and our guest takes us through all the key claims.

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The kill rate of American police will surprise you. Ed Stringham gives us the data, as well as the radical libertarian solution.

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Politicians and the media try to cram Americans into two categories: red and blue. The real America is so much more interesting, says Bill Kauffman, one of my favorite guests.

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Interest in Austrian economics is growing in China, of all places, and our guest, Jing Jin, gives us the inside scoop from Beijing. Plus: political and economic conditions in China, and whether China's growth is real.

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Category:Talk Radio -- posted at: 1:43pm EDT's Angela Keaton, who will be taking the antiwar position in a debate at FreedomFest this year, discusses how to talk to conservatives about war.

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We know that's what the Federal Reserve is doing, but precisely how? Mark Thornton gives all the details.

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Investor and iconoclast Doug Casey returns to the show to discuss his negotiations to establish a free country in Africa -- plus, he answers the questions you good listeners submitted via my Twitter account!

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One reason nobody knows who's a "real conservative" -- and there's even controversy over who's really a libertarian -- is that few people know the history of either of these movements. Jason Jewell walks us through that history and the often rocky but sometimes fruitful relationship between the two groups.

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According to the economists of the Austrian School, artificial credit expansion is the primary factor behind the business cycle. Critics have tried to poke holes in the theory, but David Howden shows those holes are just an illusion.

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Patrick Newman discusses the depression of the 1870s, which is often cited as evidence of the economic instability of laissez-faire capitalism. It was nothing of the sort, says Newman, who uses Austrian business cycle theory to understand what really happened.

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Paul Krugman claims he's gotten everything right in his analysis since the financial crisis, and that his opponents have been dead wrong. Bob Murphy identifies three major areas in which Krugman himself has been dead wrong, and then shows how he's tried to weasel out of them.

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Today's episode covers Uber and several other innovations that have chipped away at the pretensions of the state.

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According to the conventional wisdom, the Iraq war may have been a bad idea, but "the surge worked." Did it? What do we mean by "worked"? CIA veteran Ray McGovern helps us answer this overlooked question.

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Austin Petersen joins me today, and a topic I'd intended to cover in just one portion of the show -- namely, anarchism and minarchism -- became the whole show. You'll enjoy this one, I promise.

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