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For fifteen solid years we've had one form of stimulus or another, and the results do not impress. For the true believer, this means we need more stimulus. For the rest of us, it's time to try something else.

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Tom and famed investor Doug Casey are interviewed on the McQuistion PBS program about anarchism and the state.

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How bad is American education? Worse than you think. Alex Newman walks us through the crazy math, the crazy reading strategies, the behavioral drugs, and the historical origins of it all.

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Carbon taxes are a free-market way of dealing with climate change and averting disaster, says a prominent policy analyst. Economist Bob Murphy doesn't let him get away with it.

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Here's the evidence.

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Few topics are more foundational to libertarianism than rights. What are rights? How can we derive them? And do they extend beyond human beings? We explore these and other questions in today's episode.

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Terms like fascist and fascism get thrown around indiscriminately by people who know how toxic they are and who want to demonize their opponents. But almost nothing and no one accused of fascism these days has the slightest connection to genuine fascism, and the result is confusion. What was fascism really all about? Paul Gottfried joins us for a lesson in intellectual history.

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We hear a lot of talk about "equality of opportunity." But is there or could there be such a thing? This apparently benign idea, if taken seriously, would yield innumerable horrors, argues George Reisman in today's episode.

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Hal Elrod's story will stun you -- in a terrible car accident at age 20, he was dead for six minutes, and when he did revive, he was told he'd never walk again. He went on to run a 52-mile ultra-marathon. And he developed the Miracle Morning, a morning action plan that has changed countless lives. Have a listen!

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The conventional wisdom on presidential war powers is dangerously mistaken. Today I talk to one of the country's foremost experts, to set the record straight.

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