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Some libertarians describe themselves as "fiscally conservative and socially liberal." This is a completely wrongheaded way to think about libertarianism. In today's episode, author Tom Mullen discusses what precisely it is that both groups get wrong that leads them off the liberty path. We are not a combination of the two, but something entirely distinct.

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Fostering a high self-esteem is encouraged by virtually everyone as a way to make people happier and more successful. But there is no evidence for this claim, and indeed the gospel of self-esteem can make people more anxious and less happy. Not to mention the way egalitarians have exploited the message -- why, it's not how you do, it's how you feel about yourself that counts! Dr. Michael Edelstein joins me to crush this myth like a bug.

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Jordan Page's music has been a staple of the Ron Paul Revolution since 2007. He has opened for Dr. Paul many times and in many high-profile outlets. Today is the release date for his newest song, and he joins us to discuss the song, the state of America, the life of an independent musician, and the future.

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We need more government involvement in health care, runs the conventional wisdom. But what if government itself is the problem? What if government has made it virtually impossible for the doctor to do his job the way we want him to? Emergency room physician Doug McGuff provides the details from his decades of experience.

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In the last GOP debate, Rand Paul discussed the harm the Fed does to the ordinary person. As usual, the Left -- you remember, the people who supposedly "question authority" -- leaped to the defense of an longstanding institution. The prize for the most juvenile and uncomprehending analysis, though, goes to poor Timothy B. Lee of Vox. There is nothing left of Timothy by the end of this episode.

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Three foreign-policy experts join me today to discuss the Paris attacks, what they mean, and what they may portend for the world. Can nonintervention still be the answer?

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Laurie Calhoun discusses the origins and mainstreaming of the remote-control killing of suspects with drones, a topic that provokes still more fundamental questions about policymaking, the military, and American society.

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National Review recently argued that Alexander Hamilton was morally superior to Thomas Jefferson, and therefore -- by strong implication -- that his policies were preferable. Historian Kevin Gutzman responds!

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What are libertarians doing right, and what are we doing wrong? Are we attracting people or driving them away? What could we do better? I discuss all this with fellow podcaster Jason Stapleton!

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Mike Church, host of the longest-running talk show in the history of satellite radio, was recently let go by Sirius/XM. Mike, who was already in trouble for being a Ron Paul supporter on the Patriot channel, gives us the story, and shows how he's making lemons into lemonade.

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