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A short episode today, touching on some of the arguments libertarians have to face when it comes to education, plus two random thoughts on my mind.

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James Newcomb, another conscientious objector I've gotten to know in the private Facebook group for the show's Supporting Listeners, discusses his post-military entrepreneurial vision, and how to embark on a new life.

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Here's a common refrain: the rich are parasites who in fact don't create jobs at all. Plenty of them just shelter their income somewhere. The real job creators are the working classes, who go out and spend their money. This is what stimulates economic activity. What is the correct response to this line of argument?

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Did Trump land a knockout blow in last night's debate? For those of us wanting to see Clinton smashed on live TV, the answer -- according to Lew Rockwell and me -- is unfortunately not. Here's our analysis, punchy as always, of what went down.

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Fractional-reserve banking, in which only a fraction of demand deposits are available on demand (the rest being lent out), has been a source of controversy even among self-identified Austrian economists. Jeff Herbener joins us to discuss the purely economic effects of fractional-reserve banking.

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Today we look at the thought of G.A. Cohen, a Marxist who actually tried to deal with libertarian ideas without caricaturing them. His ideas can help us sharpen our arguments, and can show us where egalitarianism leads. The bulk of this episode is drawn from my 90-lesson government course I created for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

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Harvard's Steven Pinker has argued that violence has been drastically reduced over the course of human history, thanks in large part to the rise of the state. Is this checkmate for libertarians? Stefan Blankertz says no.

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Jason Stopper, a regular Tom Woods Show listener, recently resigned his commission in the U.S. Army, and now seeks to become a paramedic -- so he can heal people rather than harm them.

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David Stockman, himself of the Reagan Administration, recounts the horrific economic policies of recent administrations, describes their consequences, and proposes solutions. Hint: they include abolishing the Federal Open Market Committee, which the Fed uses to make monetary policy.

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To this day, plenty of people believe that the Western intervention in Serbia over Kosovo prevented a genocide. That one's a whopper even by Pentagon standards. Jim Jatras joins me to get to the bottom of what really happened.

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