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Peter Klein and I critique a recent Salon article containing just about every leftist cliche about the rich ever uttered.

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For the third year in a row, I was asked to speak on classical liberalism (libertarianism) to the 11th graders in my kids' school, in their Great Ideas course.

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James Madison biographer Kevin Gutzman joins Tom to critique the free course on The Federalist offered by the conservative Hillsdale College. Drop everything and listen to this.

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The socialist disaster in Venezuela reminds our guest, Carmen Dorobat, of her native Romania during its communist period. Plus, we discuss protectionism at the World Trade Organization and other economic topics.

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Predictions of doom, whether because of inadequate food, or acid rain, or poverty -- the list goes on and on -- have consistently been refuted by events. Matt Ridley makes an overwhelming case against the doomsayers, who are still very much with us.

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Tom speaks with Mateusz Machaj about the underlying reason Socialism will always fail.

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Tom discusses the problems of Marxism with David Gordon.

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Supporters of Barack Obama say his economic record is actually quite strong, and that right-wingers simply can't accept that. David Stockman, formerly of the Reagan administration, reduces these claims to rubble, and then destroys the rubble.

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Amtrak doesn't need still more money. It needs to be cut off completely.

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Tom discusses the tradition of conscientious objection to war: its history, and its ongoing relevance.

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