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When attacks libertarianism, it's always the same old arguments. Here's how I answer them.

Show notes for Ep. 689

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Tenth Amendment Center founder and executive director Michael Boldin discusses successes, failures, and what he's learned from both, on the occasion of the center's tenth anniversary. This one guy has had a greater impact than entire think-tanks, so we should learn from him. (And since Michael started off as a leftist, we get a good conversion story, too.)

Show notes for Ep. 688

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This is one of my favorite interviews ever. It's from my appearance on the Isaac Morehouse Podcast. My listeners know Isaac from Praxis (hyperlink), his great company that gives young people an opportunity to get on-the-job experience with a firm that does something they find interesting, and gets them a head start in the job market.
In this episode I talk about my own experiences: in the publishing world, in the libertarian world, as a kid, as an adult, and -- to my surprise -- I wound up discussing some personal failings I've been working on that I haven't mentioned before. I hope you won't skip this one.
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John Tamny and I discuss the Fed and its record, along with money, credit, and the economy in general. We also get into a dispute over fractional-reserve banking. Check it out!

Show notes for Ep. 686

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Today four guests of varying perspectives -- Jeff Deist, Dr. Mary Ruwart, Tom Mullen, and Jason Rink -- join me to discuss the Libertarian Party and the prospects for the Johnson/Weld ticket.

Show notes for Ep. 685

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Several days ago I moderated a very interesting and productive debate on the subject of free trade between two very sharp guys. Attendees raved about it. I hope you will, too.

Show notes for Ep. 684

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Eric July says he was into gangs and lots of bad stuff, and then he read Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, and ultimately became an anarcho-capitalist. Not exactly your run-of-the-mill conversion story. We discuss his ideas and his music in today's episode.

Show notes for Ep. 683

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After every mass shooting we have the same conversation about guns. We take up the subject today, and examine a recent article claiming that the militia in the Second Amendment is really just the National Guard.

Show notes for Ep. 682

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If libertarians are going to take the nonaggression principle seriously, they have to oppose the doctrine of "public accommodation," even though 99.999% of the public supports it. Ryan McMaken's work on the true history of minority advancement makes our job here a lot easier.

Show notes for Ep. 681

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As a refugee from the "conservative movement," I have a special message for any good folks still there: get out now.

Show notes for Ep. 680

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