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What's the best way forward for the Libertarian Party? There's some pretty strong medicine in this one, especially toward the end. Key point: product differentiation. We're not 30% different from Republicans and Democrats. We're certainly not "fiscally conservative and socially liberal." So what are we? And how should we spread the message? Juicy stuff here, I promise.

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The American people give vastly more in philanthropic donations on a percentage basis than anyone in the world. This is the best-kept secret in American textbooks. Any schoolboy would have the impression that government intervention is required in order to get things done -- after all, who else is going to do it? The suppressed history of American philanthropy is fascinating and compelling, and our expert guest takes us through this important part of American history and culture.

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We live in a "rape culture," according to many feminists these days, in which men are by definition rapists and in which rape is encouraged and considered normal. In fact, rape is punished severely and some people's lives have been ruined because they were assumed to be guilty when they weren't, so what could this all be about? Wendy McElroy, author of a new book on the subject, joins me to shed some light.

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Economist David R. Henderson, deeply affected by the wars following 9/11, turned his research energies toward foreign policy, looking to see how an economist's tools could be brought to bear in deciding on a sensible foreign policy. We talk about that today, in a really outstanding conversation.

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The left-wing George Monbiot of The Guardian says the financial crisis was caused by “neoliberalism,” a term Mises and Hayek never used, but a category into which Monbiot places them. He then says pretty much all our problems have been caused by “neoliberalism.” It’s a smorgasbord of stupidity, but (or should I say “so”?) it went viral.

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Libertarian entrepreneur TK Coleman confronts the "we're all doomed because of our choices in this election" chorus we hear every four years. As bad as the state is, you still hold a lot of power in your hands.

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Entrepreneur Ryan Daniel Moran returns to the show to discuss capitalism, business, and his own success.

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We know the Fed inflated during the 1920s and set the stage for the bust, but some people say that if only the Fed had inflated during the 1930s, things would have improved. This is wrong on every conceivable level -- and in fact, the Fed tried its best to inflate in the 1930s. It's very important for us to get this right, because we've got the Keynesians and the Friedmanites united against us. We clear up the Fed's real record during the Depression in today's episode.

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Sheldon Richman, author of the new book America's Counter-Revolution, thinks so. (Warning: heads may explode while listening.)

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Christians can be libertarians, and vice versa, says Norman Horn, who recently debated a seminary president on precisely this issue.

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