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Did John C. Calhoun have anything of value to say, or is his entire career too stained by slavery for him to be worth listening to? I discuss Calhoun, Robert Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Grover Cleveland, and more in today's episode.

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Suppose you're a libertarian and you're asked to prepare a 90-lesson course on government. What would you do? Where would you start? What topics would you cover? How would you present the material?

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Tom discusses the work of Hans-Hermann Hoppe (who doesn't really do audio interviews anymore, by the way)

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Economist Steven Kates says the Keynesian attack on Say's Law is the truly fundamental error in the Keynesian system.

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There's been a lot of complaining about the Iran deal among neoconservatives. What is their plausible alternative? Stephen Walt of Harvard University joins us for a realistic look at the deal.

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No doubt Donald Trump would be a bad president, as they all are -- though his observation that the Iraq war was a disaster, and that while Saddam kept terrorists under control, Iraq is now a haven for terrorism, is better than we hear from anyone else -- but surely there is more to say about the Trump phenomenon. Lew Rockwell joins Tom for a freewheeling discussion!

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The President's supporters claim that his jobs record surpasses even Ronald Reagan's. Is that true? Wait until you hear the real story. And what about that study purporting to show that the economy does better under Democrats than Republicans? Does that mean the free market doesn't work (assuming that's what the Republicans want)? We knock this one down, too.

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Wind and solar power are at the heart of Bernie Sanders' energy policy, as is a tax on carbon emissions. We uncover the truth about all this in today's episode.

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Tom DiLorenzo returns to the show to discuss the problems with Sanders' demand for more paid vacation time, sick leave, and family leave. DiLorenzo also challenges the conventional narrative about labor unions. You'll feel sorry for Bernie when it's all over. Nah, probably you won't.

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Should libertarians ever take government funds? Another question that divides the libertarian world. Two show regulars are here for another exciting debate!

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