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Scott McConnell was once editorial page editor of the New York Post, and worked and published in neoconservative circles. Then something changed, and he helped found The American Conservative, an anti-neocon magazine. Lots covered here, including foreign policy, Israel/Palestine, the alt-right, and more.

Show notes for Ep. 727

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Good Morning America's Amy Robach came under overwhelming pressure after she used the term "colored people" on television, instead of the approved phrase "people of color," which is completely different because it contains a preposition. Michael Malice returns to the show to get to the bottom of what's really going on here, and how progressives use race and terminology as means of control.

Show notes for Ep. 726

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Author Chase Rachels joins me to discuss some of the hard cases -- education, roads (of course!), and even security -- when it comes to imagining how society without a state might work.

Show notes for Ep. 725

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On Milo's podcast we discussed sane and insane college campuses, what we should think about Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, and in general had politically incorrect fun.

Show notes for Ep. 724

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Jeff Herbener joins me to respond to an article making the rounds these days claiming that Austrian criticisms of mainstream economics are either uninformed or simply fall flat. By the end of this episode, it's this critic who's flat.

Show notes for Ep. 723

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Eric Peters returns to the show to talk about everything from self-driving cars to Tesla and cronyism, to which radar detector you should buy, and more.

Show notes for Ep. 722

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Monetary expert Philipp Bagus takes us from the basics through more advanced topics as he dismantles the case for government-managed money.

Show notes for Ep. 721

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What is the relationship between freedom and the stories we tell ourselves? That's what Brad Birzer explores in this episode that takes us from the ancient Greeks through JRR Tolkien!

Show notes for Ep. 720

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That sounds like the sort of thing a libertarian would say, doesn't it? But in fact the case against the FBI is pretty darn good, and Ryan McMaken joins me to make that case.

Show notes for Ep. 719

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Here's my recent appearance on the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad. What a blast (so to speak). They asked me lots of things I've never been asked before, about when my ethics have been challenged and what I've done about it, what I've changed my mind about, how I teach my kids without making them into clones, where I first discovered Austrian economics (the answer will surprise you), and how I get my message heard by conservatives and progressives. If you don't enjoy this episode, I owe you a Coke.

Show notes for Ep. 718

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