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The Dakota Access Pipeline has elicited much protest and controversy. What are the rights and wrongs of the matter? Whose property is involved? Rob Port joins me to find some answers.

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The left's goals and strategies have changed over the years. Nikos Sotirakopoulos helps us make sense of all these terms -- New Left, Old Left, etc. -- and discusses the shift in emphasis from economics to culture.

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CJ Killmer, host of the Dangerous History Podcast and popularly known as Prof. CJ, joins me to discuss the antiwar views of the fascinating Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, author of War Is a Racket.

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Peter Wallison joins me to discuss the horrifying face of financial reform, and why it should be completely repealed.

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Jason Stapleton and I review a recent article of mine on how easy -- or difficult -- it will be to use the election of Donald Trump as an opportunity to persuade leftists that they should favor smaller government.

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The great Eric Peters, who runs, joins me to discuss the perverse results of automobile regulation, how a Trump administration might affect the car market in the US, and standouts for the 2017 model year.

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Are your progressive friends correct to say the US Constitution is not a limited government document after all? Bill Watkins joins me to discuss both the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation, and what the light of history can tell us about each.

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Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the electoral college has been in the left's crosshairs. Why, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote! She should be the winner! Kevin Gutzman, Brion McClanahan, and I discuss what's so dreadfully wrong with this conventional way of thinking.

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Lew Rockwell returns to the show to discuss the election of Trump, the left's reaction, early indications of where he might go, and dangers to watch out for.

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Connor Boyack, creator of the Tuttle Twins children's books series, has just today released the latest title in the series, based on F.A. Hayek's classic book The Road to Serfdom. We discuss themes from that book -- themes most adults could stand to hear, and that Connor is helping convey to children.

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The conventional wisdom holds that mortgage-backed securities, credit-default swaps, and the like were responsible for the fragility, uncertainty, and ultimate collapse of 2008. Is that true? Professor Ed Stringham offers a revisionist account.

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Professor Anthony Esolen, author of many books and acclaimed translator of Dante's Divine Comedy, unexpectedly ran afoul of the campus thought police in recent weeks. He suggested in print that the kind of superficial, bean-counting "diversity" with which academia is so obsessed threatens to undermine the universality and catholicity of a Catholic college like Providence.

I don't recall many episodes I enjoyed more than this one.

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Some of Trump's instincts are noninterventionist. Since there's a good chance he'll surround himself with interventionists anyway, here's what he ought to hear about various hotspots around the world, and why nonintervention is the way to go every time.

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Economist Bob Murphy, who co-hosts the Contra Krugman podcast with me, gives us an overview of the errors and brilliancies of the 19th century.

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Donald Trump was elected president last night against all odds. Michael Malice joins me to discuss what it all means.

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Taleed Brown, known to his social media fans as That Guy T, discusses anarcho-capitalism, Black Lives Matter, being a black libertarian, and building up a large social media audience.

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Brett Veinotte and I discuss the higher ed scam, the "we need more technology in the classroom" scam, and the leftist comedian scam.

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John Chisholm joins me to discuss how to come up with the idea for a successful business, how to test ideas, scale your business, and more. Plus: how entrepreneurs make the world a better place.

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Joshua Fields Millburn, half of the duo known as The Minimalists and himself a libertarian, discusses how the pursuit of consumption may add to rather than fill a spiritual void, and how withdrawing from the consumption frenzy can be liberating.

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Wikileaks has released so many emails to the public that it can be hard to get a handle on it all. Tracy Diaz, an old hand in the liberty movement who's been following Wikileaks closely, joins me to discuss the bombshells in those emails.

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The University of Toronto's Jordan Peterson became notorious practically overnight for refusing to buckle under pressure to use "gender-neutral" pronouns with people of different "gender identities." Professor Peterson argues that claims of the existence dozens of gender identities have no scientific basis, and should certainly not be used to intimidate dissidents.

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Brandon Navom, creator of Software Engineers for Liberty and a Ron Paul delegate in 2012, tells the truth about the NSA's surveillance activities.

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