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Here is the audio of the remarks I delivered on November 20 to a room of about 100 state legislators from around the country. My aim was twofold: to smash the now-laughable narrative about the virus, and to urge these men and women to go home and be the voices of the voiceless.

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David Stockman, who served as director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan, strongly opposed the re-election of Donald Trump -- not on NeverTrump grounds, but because Stockman favors sound money and fiscal rectitude. Walter Block, probably the most prolific academic libertarian in the world, thinks Trump needs to be compared to the likely alternative. Today they hash it out.

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Two academics known for their positions on postmodernism, Thaddeus Russell and Michael Rectenwald, join me to hash it out.

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Cliff Maloney, who served as an intern for Ron Paul, is now president of Young Americans for Liberty. He joins me to discuss how his organization managed to elect over 120 state-level candidates across the country, and what this means for the future.

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I guess it was bound to happen eventually: Facebook did a "fact check" on one of my videos. And they don't just refer people to a generic article on how super lockdowns and masks are supposed to be. It's a point-by-point response to my specific video. Flattering, in a perverse way. In this episode I fact-check the fact checkers.

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In this episode I discuss with the Mises Institute's Jeff Deist and the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity's Daniel McAdams What the next four years are likely to have in store for us, and what the right approach for us should be in the years ahead.

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Jon Schaffer is lead vocalist for the metal band Iced Earth, and co-founder, with Blind Guardian's Hansi K├╝rsch, of Demons & Wizards. He's also been a Ron Paul supporter and recently endorsed the Libertarian candidate for governor of Indiana. We talk politics, society, music, and the future.

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Michael Betrus joins me to discuss his self-explanatory work "COVID-19: Lockdowns on Trial". It's thorough and crushing.

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To put it mildly, the mainstream media has not exactly distinguished itself during the COVID crisis. Wild, gruesome predictions that never panned out have rarely been noted or corrected. In the UK, the average person thinks the number of deaths is literally 100 times greater than it actually is. Collateral damage from lockdowns is hardly mentioned. That's why we've had to depend on more independent voices for the fuller truth. Within the past several days to such voices have come under attack, And in today's episode we speak to Jennifer Cabrera, one of those two.

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Libertarians are fond of arguing that in a free society people's needs would be met through voluntary action. Well, amidst all the depressing news of 2020, here's a bright light: an amazing group of libertarians who have taken it upon themselves to show the world that this isn't just a quaint theory.

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Angela McArdle, who chairs the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, joins me to discuss the Jo Jorgensen campaign (what went right and what went wrong), gains the party has made, and where it should be going.

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In these 20 minutes I stuff as much reality about the virus and the barbaric government response as it's humanly possible to include. I delivered these remarks at the Ron Paul symposium in Angleton, Texas, on November 7.

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I've been lethargic about politics for a long time, and I understand who so many people (myself included) have considered it a waste of time. But with one side in particular planning so many evil things, and in the face of the barbaric lockdowns, should I rethink this? Tho Bishop joins me.

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Debra Soh joins me to discuss whether gender is a "spectrum," whether children should "transition," whether gender is a "social construct," and more.

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Gad Saad returns to discuss his new book The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense.

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Marxist turned classical liberal Michael Rectenwald joins me to discuss some of the dystopian features of 2020 America as we explore themes from his new novel, "Thought Criminal".

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With the election fiasco still ongoing, I've deliberately chosen a non-political -- maybe even anti-political -- topic for today, with Joel Bein of Crash: strategies to follow to get ahead in your career and get the job you want. Even if you're not looking for a change, this episode is still for you: it can help your kids, your friends, or your family.

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Like him or hate him, Donald Trump somehow withstood an unprecedented onslaught from the media, the entertainment world, the "intelligence" community, the foreign-policy establishment, politicized medicine, academia, and woke corporations. It is a truly astonishing phenomenon. Dan McCarthy and Roger McCaffrey join me for analysis.

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Jordan Schachtel is an independent journalist who's done excellent work on the COVID fiasco from the beginning. We explore the whole bizarre affair, one aspect at a time.

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Oxford's Sunetra Gupta has been called the world's premier infectious disease epidemiologist, but that hasn't stopped people who disagree with her from all kinds of wild, unprofessional attacks on her. She believes young and healthy people should be allowed to resume their lives more or less as normal, and that any other approach is detrimental to health and is actually far less effective against the virus. I discuss what's happened to her, and her brilliant and brave response.

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