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Gary Chartier, dean of the business school at La Sierra University, joins us for a discussion of friendship: the philosophical challenges it raises, and its indispensable role in human flourishing.

Book Discussed: Understanding Friendship: On the Moral, Political, and Spiritual Meaning of Love

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Paul Gottfried, Yale Ph.D. and editor of Chronicles magazine, discusses the dissident Right, Murray Rothbard, the cowards who excommunicated them, and more.

Book Discussed: A Paleoconservative Anthology: New Voices for an Old Tradition

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Maine state senator Eric Brakey is pushing an ambitious legislative agenda that amounts to defying or refusing to cooperate with the federal government on a variety of issues. We also discuss the Twitter Files revelation that U.S. senator Angus King sought to have some of Eric's supporters silenced.

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Connor Boyack discusses how the modern state targets the family and seeks to indoctrinate children.

Book Discussed: Children of the Collective

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Wilfred Reilly joins us to discuss the reality behind so much of the oppression narrative that has come to dominate the American consciousness.

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CJ Killmer, host of the Dangerous History Podcast, joins us for a review of the wickedness of Woodrow Wilson, with special attention to periods of Wilson's public life most people know little about.

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And a handful of Republicans, too, but let's be reasonable here: Democrats are vastly, vastly more diluted at this stage of our history than Republicans are. Keith Knight joins us for a lightning round of examples of things that are flat-out false that Democrats nevertheless believe and try to impose on everyone else.

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The most direct and radical challenge to the public-health consensus about COVID-19 and the correct response to it has come from a group of scientists who claim that virology itself is pseudoscience that has led mankind down the wrong path. One such scientist, Dr. Mark Bailey, joins us to share his perspective.

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Jeff Leskovar wanted to figure out why so many people adopt the whole program of the elites, even though there's no particular reason that someone who favors arming Ukraine should also favor, say, a higher minimum wage. All these positions are nevertheless held as a bundle. Those holding them tend not to want to debate, and seem relatively untroubled by the suppression of their opponents' voices. Jeff thinks he's discovered the reason behind all this, and he shares it with us today.

Guest's Paper:

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Martin Kulldorff, on leave from Harvard Medical School, has joined forces with seven colleagues to draft a devastating list of questions that it would be nice to see any proposed Covid commission ask politicians or public health officials, and we discuss some of them in this episode.

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You've heard the tale of woe: Spotify makes billions while giving content creators mere pennies. Won't someone rectify this capitalist injustice? Michael Kupris gives you the full story.

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Warren G. Harding has often come in dead last, or close to it, in historians' rankings of the presidents. These rankings are completely useless, since they simply reflect the political bias of historians. (How can someone nonideologically declare whether a president was a "failure" or not?) Ryan Walters, author of a new biography of the twenty-ninth president, reassesses the brief tenure of a man we've been urged to despise.

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Donald Trump has been savaging Governor Ron DeSantis, who hasn't been returning the favor. Mises Institute communications director Tho Bishop joins us to discuss who's coming out on top in all this.

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Dan McCarthy joins us for an episode assessing the political significance of Pat Buchanan, who last week at age 84 announced his retirement from his syndicated column.

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We hear a lot of anecdotal data about young people struggling, about the problems of high prices and low wages, and millennials living with their parents. I wanted to know how true this was in general, and if it was, what was causing it. So I invited Gene Epstein, King of Data, to join us to get to the bottom of it.

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