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Price inflation is about more than just paying more for a Big Mac. It has other, more insidious (and to the untrained eye, invisible) effects on society.

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Johnny Burtka, president of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, joins me to discuss the traditional education of a statesman in the Western world, and compare that to what we observe today.

Book Discussed: Gateway to Statesmanship: Selections from Xenophon to Churchill

Guest's Link: Intercollegiate Studies Institute

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Actually, the Judge and I talk about a lot more than that, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the whole conversation.

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Jennifer Lahl just released a documentary, The Lost Boys, that tells the stories of several young men who got pulled into the world of "gender theory" -- and not just theory, unfortunately -- and how they came back.

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Documentary Discussed: The Lost Boys

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Mary Ruwart is a veteran of the libertarian movement, and extremely effective at persuasion and debate. We talk about some tough issues, how best to disarm people, and the present and future of the Libertarian Party.

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Guest's Course: Short Answers to the Tough Questions

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Lots of people have read The Road to Serfdom, but few have read the material for which F.A. Hayek won the Nobel Prize in 1974. Mark Skousen joins us to discuss the significance of Hayek's work and how it helps us understand the world (and interventionism) better.

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Guest's Event: FreedomFest

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Connor Boyack, president of the Libertas Institute and creator of the Tuttle Twins children's book series, is overseeing an extremely important venture that's rapidly spreading around the country: the children's entrepreneur market.

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Book Series: The Tuttle Twins

Children's Entrepreneur Market

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Clifton Duncan was an accomplished Broadway actor who had graduated from an extremely selective elite program, and was making television appearances alongside people you would know. His star was most certainly on the rise. Then the mandates came, and Clifton declined the shot. He now waits tables. Well, the crazies didn't just ruin Clifton's career; they're in the process of destroying American theater, period, as Clifton explains in this episode. But there's good news: Clifton wants to develop a one-man show on the life and ideas of Thomas Sowell. Let's help him make it happen!

Support Clifton's Thomas Sowell Play:

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Col. Douglas Macgregor discusses the current situation in Ukraine, Gaza, the Red Sea, and more, plus his retrospective on the Cold War.

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I met John Bush 17 years ago, when we were both spreading the word about Ron Paul. These days, John is devoted to building the institutions a free and decent society will need, even in our unfree landscape. If all we do is react to the latest crazy thing coming from the politicos, we'll never build anything.

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John's Webinar on Actually Doing Things

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Nate Fischer and Josh Abbotoy of New Founding join me to discuss their plans to build a rural community in Appalachia, and the hysterical woke lunatics who are up in arms about it.

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Michael Gibson discusses the problems with the universities, and why he's supporting dropouts with brilliant ideas.

Book Discussed: Paper Belt on Fire: How Renegade Investors Sparked a Revolt Against the University

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It's not just this field or that field: there is a systematic sickness in academic and in intellectual life in general, in which preposterously false things are believed, and based on foundations that are never examined. This is one of my favorite episodes ever, and my thanks to Steve Patterson for this excellent conversation.

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