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Documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert joins me to discuss his investigative work into the Trayvon Martin case, where it turns out that a serious case of witness fraud was at the heart of the trial.

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Show notes for Ep. 1502

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Marc Clair, host of the Lions of Liberty podcast, joins me to discuss how we can reach folks outside our orbit, plus some fun podcaster-to-podcaster inside baseball.

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Show notes for Ep. 1501

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Professor Jeremy Bailey joins me to discuss the evolution of the modern presidency and the way key figures like Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson tried -- and failed or succeeded, which is the question -- to change and expand it.

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Show notes for Ep. 1500

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This episode is more of an overview of the life and evolution of one of our important thinkers, Paul Gottfried, who holds his Ph.D. in history from Yale. Paul has been an opponent of the neocons from the beginning, and we take the story to the present day.

Show notes for Ep. 1499

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Bernie Sanders is proposing a nationwide program of rent control -- because why should landlords be allowed to raise rents arbitrarily? I explain why this is a terrible idea.

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Show notes for Ep. 1498

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Michael Rectenwald returns to the show to discuss woke capitalism, big tech, the mob mentality, and the suppression of dissident voices.

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Show notes for Ep. 1497

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As a fan of magic myself, I was delighted to learn not only that I had a professional magician among my newsletter subscribers, but also that he managed to fool Penn and Teller on their "Fool Us" television program. Doc Dixon is a libertarian (like Penn and Teller themselves), and that comes through in our discussion, but we also get into the weeds of what it's like performing for Penn and Teller, as well as plenty of inside baseball about the life of a magician.

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Show notes for Ep. 1496

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Jim Cantrell, co-founder and former CEO of Vector Launch, veteran employee of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab and France's CNES, and founding team member of SpaceX and Moon Express, joins me to discuss the future of space exploration (including Mars settlement) and mankind's activities in space, as well as what the private sector can accomplish in space.

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Show notes for Ep. 1495

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Bestselling author Stephen Kinzer returns to the show to discuss the CIA's research and experiments in mind control.

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Show notes for Ep. 1494

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Peter Schiff returns to answer listener questions about Trump's economics, navigating the ups and downs of the economy, and a lot more.

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Show notes for Ep. 1493

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Lew Rockwell returns to discuss yet another Democratic debate. Join us as we slice through the inanities.

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Show notes for Ep. 1492

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Phil Labonte, the outspoken libertarian frontman of the band All That Remains, joins me to discuss how he became a libertarian, how his views compare to those of other people in his genre, how the Internet has changed the music industry for better and worse, and a lot more.

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Show notes for Ep. 1491

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Scott Horton joins me to commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and respond to the rah-rah "they hate us because we're great" view of why the attacks occurred.

Show notes for Ep. 1490

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The left-wing thought-control site ThinkProgress has closed its doors, after many years of policing allowable opinion. Because of my interests I'm aware in particular of their absurd treatment of the Tenth Amendment Center -- which, unlike ThinkProgress, is alive and kicking. And speaking of kicking, let's kick ThinkProgress while it's down.

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Show notes for Ep. 1489

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I review my refrain about the narrowness of allowable opinion in American (and Western) political discourse: you can argue about the fringes of what the state apparatus should be doing, but no fundamental questions may be raised. Also, at the end of the episode I make note of the latest Twitter casualty, and the absurd grounds on which the person in question was banned.

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Show notes for Ep. 1488

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David Gornoski has taken what sounds like rather an obscure topic -- the mimetic theory of Rene Girard -- and showing the liberty movement how it helps us understand the state and collective violence.

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Show notes for Ep. 1487

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By popular demand, Kirk Sorensen joins me to discuss the energy potential of thorium, which can be tapped safely in overwhelming abundance and which solves every problem that troubles environmentalists.

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Show notes for Ep. 1486

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Comedian Dave Chappelle generated enormous controversy with his recent Netflix special, "Sticks and Stones." Fashionable opinion explained to us that we were to reject this special as "racist" and otherwise insensitive. Comedian Dave Smith joins me to sort it all out.

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Show notes for Ep. 1485

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Eric Brakey served two terms in the state senate of Maine, and has been a Ron Paul supporter and Tom Woods Show listener for years. He's currently seeking the GOP nomination for U.S. Congress from Maine's second district, where he is winning key endorsements and has an excellent shot at winning.

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Show notes for Ep. 1484

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