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Once you read Murray Rothbard, you can never look at the world the same way again. In 1992 he delivered the best libertarian speech I have ever heard, so full of insight that I had to devote an entire episode to it. The key questions: who are the bad guys, and what should we do about them?

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Show notes for Ep. 1961

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Derrick Broze joins us to discuss agorism and our present situation, and living as free a life as possible even under difficult constraints.

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Show notes for Ep. 1960

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We hear from libertarian critics of Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard (yes, such people exist, believe it or not) that they pursued something called "the paleo strategy," which today is ridiculed and dismissed without actually being addressed or refuted. Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins me to discuss who the paleos were and, to the extent they had a strategy, what it was. Hint: it did not involve tripping over themselves to adopt whatever crazy cultural demand the left was making on a given day.

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Show notes for Ep. 1959

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I had a great time talking to Joshua Smith of the Libertarian National Committee (and who hosts Break the Cycle) on a huge variety of topics, including lots of stuff I've never mentioned before. Enjoy!

Show notes for Ep. 1958

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Ever since 1789 and the French Revolution, politics in the West has come to resemble a religion with its dogmas, heretics, and messianic language. In our own day, this is especially evident among the "woke" crowd, but the phenomenon itself is an old one.

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Show notes for Ep. 1957

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We're hearing about various places introducing "vaccine passports." We've also heard about places phasing them out. Is there anything we can do?

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Show notes for Ep. 1956

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Liberty activist Anthony Welti has taken to the road to go cross country spreading what he's learned about winning votes, raising money, and persuading people of our ideas. He's been excellent and outspoken on the vaccine passport nonsense and indeed the entire COVID regime.

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Show notes for Ep. 1955

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Joseph Cotto joins us to discuss his study of the Seminoles (and slavery) in American history, in a story few Americans know.

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Show notes for Ep. 1954

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Murray Sabrin, who taught finance at Ramapo College for many years, joins us to explain how we take the dysfunctional American health care system and transform it into one that produces excellent care at affordable prices. The main ingredient in this transformation: capitalism.

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Show notes for Ep. 1953

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Scott Horton joins us to discuss the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, the specifics of how it was done, and the content of Joe Biden's speech to the nation.

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Show notes for Ep. 1952

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Not people who despise everything you stand for, I hope. Laura Swain joins me to discuss the importance of homeschooling, why it's not overwhelming, and how you can make it work.

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Show notes for Ep. 1951

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Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress joins me to discuss his recent congressional testimony regarding the energy situation in impoverished Puerto Rico, where progressives would make an already dire situation much worse. Sponsor:

Show notes for Ep. 1950

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Mark Sisson, creator of the Primal Blueprint, discusses how to maintain optimal health, including a healthy weight, by making sensible choices about how we treat our bodies.

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Show notes for Ep. 1949

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I talk about my recent illness and why, despite being harsher than I expected, it doesn't change my mind about lockdowns and craziness in the slightest.

Show notes for Ep. 1948

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Civil liberties attorney Jenin Younes, who goes by Leftylockdownskeptic on Twitter (@Leftylockdowns1), lost most of her left-liberal friends over her stance on COVID and lockdowns, so of course she's an ideal Tom Woods Show guest.

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Show notes for Ep. 1947

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Dan McCarthy joins me to discuss the real significance of January 6 and the elite response to it.

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Show notes for Ep. 1946

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I'm back behind the microphone after taking it easy during a battle with pneumonia that still isn't quite over, but thrilled to talk to Fred and Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred, who have had #1 hits in over 70 countries and have been outstanding during the COVID fiasco.

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Show notes for Ep. 1945

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The great Scott Horton, filling in for a recovering Tom, talks to Dan McKnight about the end of the Afghan War and his organization's work to pass Defend the Guard legislation in the states.

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Show notes for Ep. 1944

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Guest host Dave Smith talks to the Mises Institute's Jeff Deist about libertarian opportunities in a post-Trump, post-COVID world.

Show notes for Ep. 1943

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