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Matt Gurtler became politically aware during the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign, for which he volunteered, and is currently a state representative in Georgia. With an open U.S. congressional seat in his district and the endorsement of Thomas Massie, he has an excellent opportunity to add another voice of sanity to the U.S. Congress. We discuss life as a state rep, his campaign, his stance on the lockdowns, and more.

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There's been speculation in the media about the health and whereabouts of North Korea's Kim Jong Il. This, in turn, has led some people to speculate about who might succeed him. Michael Malice joins us to correct the record.

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Angela McArdle joins me to discuss the protest she's organizing in Los Angeles -- May 1, 2020, at 1:00pm near City Hall -- against the stay-at-home orders. People who protest these orders have been called every name in the book by respectable opinion, so I give Angela an opportunity to make the case.

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Elizabeth Bartholet of Harvard Law School says homeschooling should be banned with very rare exceptions that parents would have to justify with overwhelming evidence. Her reasons are many, but one of them in particular is especially sinister.

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In the midst of the pandemic Joe Biden has become invisible, even more of a nonentity than usual. Dan McCarthy has an intriguing take on what the mediocre, uninspiring Biden truly represents.

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In this episode I cover a lot of ground, albeit a bit haphazardly: the unintended consequences of "lockdown," the superstitious reverence for "scientists" (who, contrary to popular belief, are not in fact qualified to answer all questions), what's really happening in the hospitals, the social repercussions, and more.

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It's been ten years since my book Nullification was published, so it's an appropriate moment for a retrospective on how during that time the states have pushed back against various federal intrusions. The Tenth Amendment Center's Michael Boldin joins me.

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Brad Birzer joins me to discuss J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, their friendship, and its inspiration for his latest project, which will knock your socks off.

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The President and the governors of numerous states have been in a war of words over who has the authority to reopen the country in the wake of the virus. We've even heard governors talking about the Tenth Amendment, which is quite a novelty for them. I sort the whole thing out in today's episode.

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Quite a diverse array of voices have spoken out against the U.S. war machine over the past two centuries, and in today's episode we discuss a bunch of them.

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Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute joins me to review the specific steps the state governors should take right now to restore normal life in the United States.

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Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Project invited me onto his podcast to talk coronavirus, lockdowns, and frustration -- and hope.

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Libertarian legal theorist Stephan Kinsella and I discuss his road to libertarianism (of the Rothbardian kind), where he thinks we need more work, the rights and wrongs of Ayn Rand, and more. And yes, some discussion of the virus....

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Finance professor Murray Sabrin thinks so. Murray is convinced that libertarians in fact have an excellent opportunity to lay bare the problems with the state.

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Alex Epstein returns to discuss the coronavirus response, what sensible practices we ought to adopt, and why mere biological life is not enough.

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Anthony Welti, candidate for Washington state insurance commissioner, joins us to discuss the libertarian insights that reveal what's wrong with American health care.

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With the insightful -- and to my mind hilarious -- Roger McCaffrey, I review the fun controversies surrounding some of my most successful books. We also discuss libertarianism and the appeal it should have to conservatives, my conversion to Catholicism, and more.

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Dedra Birzer, lecturer in history at Hillsdale College, joins me for a bird's-eye view of a major chunk of Latin American history, beginning with pre-Columbian civilizations and continuing through European exploration and, centuries later, independence.

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Doug Casey, whose book Crisis Investing spent 29 weeks at the #1 position on the New York Times bestseller list, joins me to assess the fallout from the various governmental responses to the coronavirus, as well as his own approach to a crisis like this.

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