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Gerry Cramer has been repeatedly ranked as the top affiliate on Clickbank, which in turn has been called the top affiliate network in the United States. His students, for that matter, can frequently be found among Clickbank's top ten affiliates. So you could say the guy has cracked the code.

(If you don't know what affiliate marketing is: Amazon has a well-known affiliate program by which people earn commissions when other people purchase Amazon products through their special link. Gerry has taken this simple concept and made a science out of it.)

We talk about the system Gerry uses, his successes and failures, and other stuff the rest of us will undoubtedly benefit from learning.

Join us on September 13 and have your mind blown:

Show notes for Ep. 1483

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Eric July, the politically incorrect libertarian frontman for the metal band Backwordz, joins me for a freewheeling discussion of music, politics, Malcolm X, the SJW takeover of the world of comics, and much more.

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Show notes for Ep. 1482

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Saifedean Ammous recently debated Professor George Selgin at the Soho Forum on the subject of Bitcoin's suitability to replace existing currencies and challenge central banks. We review that debate in today's episode, and finish with a discussion of Saifedean's latest project.

Show notes for Ep. 1481

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Murray Sabrin, a professor of finance at Ramapo College, discusses the damage caused by the Federal Reserve, as well as the various approaches to business cycles taken by different economic schools of thought, and Trump's demands for lower interest rates.

Show notes for Ep. 1480

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Are libertarians too quick to argue that "after all, Sweden is really very capitalist, so you can't use it against us"? One author thinks so. This episode looks more closely at the Sweden story to make sense of it from a libertarian perspective.

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Show notes for Ep. 1479

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The New York Times recently announced its "1619 Project," by which it intends to demonstrate that "nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery." Our friend Phil Magness points out that in its economics it relies on now-debunked statistical claims. Also, I discuss the bizarre phenomenon by which the left is now claiming that slavery is a highly efficient system that drives exceptional economic growth.

Show notes for Ep. 1478

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Larry Ludlow reports from his own experiences within the government school system. It's pretty brutal, folks.

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Show notes for Ep. 1477

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John Moody returns to update us on government and its various agencies, and how they affect farmers, your food, and you.

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Show notes for Ep. 1476

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Gene Epstein returns to discuss People, Power, and Profits: Progressive Capitalism for an Age of Discontent, the new book by economist Joseph Stiglitz. It gets the full Epstein treatment.

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Show notes for Ep. 1475

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Gerard Casey, professor emeritus of philosophy at University College, Dublin, joins me to discuss the philosophy of fascism, which he describes as a form of irrationalism.

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Show notes for Ep. 1474

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Dan Fishman recently became executive director of the Libertarian Party. He joins me to discuss (among plenty of other things) his political evolution, where he sees the party going, and whether people are naturally libertarian or anti-libertarian.

Show notes for Ep. 1473

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Julie Borowski, the popular libertarian content creator, has just released a children's book called Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza, in which she illustrates how, without a central planner, amazing feats of production that could be carried out (or even fully understood) by no single individual take place. We then discuss the state of the "liberty movement" in 2019.

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Show notes for Ep. 1472

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Today I am joined by two libertarians: Dr. Michael Edelstein and Dr. David Ramsay Steele. Together they wrote Three Minute Therapy: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, which applies an easily replicated technique to conquering all sorts of undesirable conditions and behaviors: depression, excessive drinking, procrastination, overeating, and many more.

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Show notes for Ep. 1471

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Vince Vaughn has scores of Hollywood films to his credit -- from The Lost World: Jurassic Park to Hacksaw Ridge and many in between -- and has been a Ron Paul supporter since the 2008 presidential campaign. He and Tom discuss Hollywood, libertarianism, and American politics.

Show notes for Ep. 1470

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Not long ago, the great libertarian foreign policy expert Scott Horton joined me for a full week's worth of episodes. We got some great feedback and a little criticism, so Scott and I decided that replying to critics makes for great episodes, too. So we're talking Syria, Iran, and plenty more in today's episode.

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Show notes for Ep. 1469

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John Locke tries to rest the legitimacy of government on the consent of the people. But can they really give consent? Locke himself admitted that unanimous consent was impossible, but thought the state could be legitimized anyway. Lysander Spooner thought otherwise: if we as individuals do not consent to an arrangement, it cannot be enforced on us.

Show notes for Ep. 1468

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We conclude Brion McClanahan Week with a discussion of a historical topic that fascinates us both: the Russian Revolution. We then clear up some loose ends and bring this week of history to a close.

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Show notes for Ep. 1467

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Brion McClanahan's podcast tagline is "think locally, act locally." We take a deep dive into what this means, including the federalist/decentralist tradition in America, plus: what about issues that seem to require cooperation beyond the local level?

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Show notes for Ep. 1466

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Well, here's the question nobody is allowed to ask, since even to ask it is to invite anti-intellectual, third-grade-level responses. But presumably a region that generated Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, George Mason, James Monroe, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, and Walker Percy might have something to be said for it. So as Brion McClanahan Week continues, we take a look at this question.

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Show notes for Ep. 1465

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Brion McClanahan Week continues with a look at U.S. presidents we barely hear about (and who tend, naturally, to be the better ones) and how we should evaluate them.

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Show notes for Ep. 1464

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Brion McClanahan Week on the Tom Woods Show begins with a discussion of this important historian's background, and how he came to abandon the neoconservatism so many of us imbibed in our youth.

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Show notes for Ep. 1463

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Phil Magness discusses his new book (with Jason Brennan) about the problems with higher education. They aren't talking about ideological conformity, bad as that is. They are discussing other problems, just as deep and pervasive.

For example, most academic marketing and advertising is semi-fraudulent. To justify their own pay raises and higher budgets, administrators hire expensive and unnecessary staff. Faculty exploit students for tuition dollars through gen-ed requirements. Students hardly learn anything, and cheating is pervasive. At every level, academics disguise their pursuit of self-interest with high-faluting moral language.

Show notes for Ep. 1462

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Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief of the brilliant satire site The Babylon Bee, joins me to discuss comedy, politics, social media, and Snopes' hilarious "fact checking" of what is obviously satire.

Sponsor: The Nonviolent Zone makes the case for freedom and against the state in about a hundred pages, and it's the perfect title to hand a curious friend. Through the end of August, the $10 price tag gets you three copies instead of one. Check it out at

Show notes for Ep. 1461

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Today Tho Bishop and I review the second night of the second round of Democratic presidential debates (the July 31, 2019 debate, to be exact). Plenty of dull talking points, to be sure, but enough zingers to make this episode fun.

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Show notes for Ep. 1460

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