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The Thomas More Society's Christopher Ferrara just won a major victory over the governor of New York and the mayor of New York City with a ruling by Federal District Judge Gary L. Sharpe that strikes down limitations on religious gatherings that are more onerous than restrictions on other gatherings. In so doing, he struck down all limitations on outdoor gatherings, and thus the ruling has a significant impact on religious and non-religious people alike.

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Journalist Diana Johnstone has covered the world, and particularly US foreign affairs, for decades. It ain't a pretty story, but it's one that needs to be told.

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Comedian, financial writer, and jack-of-all-trades Dominic Frisby joins me to discuss the continued lockdowns in the UK, what's happening in Western societies, and his new national anthem for Libertaria.

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Dale Brown's Detroit Threat Management Center has had tremendous success in lowering violent crime rates, and has done so using methods that emphasize de-escalation and nonviolence. In the wake of the George Floyd killing, he joins us to discuss lessons police departments can learn from his successes.

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With the present pitiful showing by conservatives as the backdrop, Paul Gottfried joins us to discuss what went wrong with Conservatism, Inc.

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Libertarian writer James Reilly and Mises Institute president Jeff Deist join me for a libertarian perspective on the problems with the police and what our proposed solutions would be.

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Once again the Federal Reserve is being presented to us as a great savior during a time of crisis. I once spoke at Jekyll Island itself in refutation of this claim. Worth revisiting during these times.

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Rainer Zitelmann's new book on people's perceptions of the rich is filled with interesting and surprising results: who "deserves" to be wealthy, what qualities people associate with the rich, how people form their opinions of the rich, and plenty more.

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Nothing is less fashionable than defending the South from attack. Responses like "why, you must support slavery," or "you're a racist," sum up the intellectual level you can expect from your critics, none of whom have read a thing. Historian Brion McClanahan returns to discuss the bizarre if predictable South hatred that emerged following George Floyd's death at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

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Professor Gad Saad joins me to discuss trends in academia, whether leftist domination occurs because they're just smarter than we are, and why CEOs feel compelled to endorse every fashionable cause.

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Pete Quinones joins me to discuss his new documentary on the state and how we might think about life without it.

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Vijay Boyapati joins me for a crash course in Bitcoin: why it matters (to the world and to you), what it accomplishes, where it's headed, and why he thinks it's actually superior to gold.

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Spike Cohen, the Libertarian Party's vice presidential nominee, joins me to discuss radicalism and gradualism, his days as a neoconservative, entrepreneurial background, his libertarian transformation, how to campaign during a pandemic, and plenty more.

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I'm being told to celebrate because the left has brought the phrase "defund the police" into the national spotlight. I'll get excited when I can figure out what on Earth they mean by it.

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Kris Borer joins me to discuss the foundations of and the most persuasive case for anarcho-capitalism -- that is, a pure free market without a state of any kind.

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Dave Smith, comedian and host of Part of the Problem, joins me to discuss the George Floyd protests, the riots, and the (mostly depressing) libertarian response.

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Matt Ridley joins us for a discussion of innovation and how and where it flourishes, along with specific examples ranging from the mundane lightbulb to the personal computer. (I ask Matt why inventors' names are all over 19th-century history, but nobody knows who invented the personal computer -- hence the title of this episode.)

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Dan McCarthy, editor of the venerable Modern Age, joins me for a discussion of the riots and what they could mean for America's political future.

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Musician and libertarian content creator Eric July joins me to discuss police brutality, real solutions, and people making excuses for rioters and looters.

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Dr. Jo Jorgensen joins me today to discuss her campaign for president, her background, the main issues she intends to focus on, her experiences with Harry Browne (with whom Dr. Jorgensen was vice presidential nominee), and a lot more.

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