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Last night there was yet another Democratic presidential debate, and the great Lew Rockwell and I watched it so you didn't have to. Winners, losers, and insanity all covered in detail.

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Show notes for Ep. 1459

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Ben Powell returns to the show to discuss his new book with Bob Lawson, in which the two economists visit various unfree places around the world and share their observations. (It turns out that alcohol, and usually beer, is often a good indicator of degrees of freedom.) In this episode we get a glimpse inside Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and (a genuine success story) Georgia.

Show notes for Ep. 1458

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Most of my listeners will be familiar with Praxis, the program that gets young people internships, and their first job, with a business that matches their interests. Clark Davis, a Tom Woods Show listener, learned about Praxis through me, and did his own apprenticeship at the E-Commerce Business School. Today he works for them full time, helping people break into e-commerce as a nice side income source or even as a full-time living.

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Show notes for Ep. 1457

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We wrap up Scott Horton week with a full overview of the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, what the true story behind it is, and precisely why the U.S. regime chose to take sides.

Show notes for Ep. 1456

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Maybe you favor nonintervention, but are you sure you know all the ins and outs of the situation in Syria in recent years? The great Scott Horton cuts through the propaganda to get to the real story.

Show notes for Ep. 1455

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Our discussion with Scott Horton about the War on Terror continues today with coverage of Iraq. You think you know the story: the creeps deceived us about WMDs. There's so much more to the Iraq disaster than that, and Scott gives us all the details.

Show notes for Ep. 1454

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Day two of Scott Horton Week takes us to Somalia, and Scott's discussion of how this of all countries came to find itself in the crosshairs of the U.S. War on Terror. we also discussed the humanitarian catastrophe in that country, and the role the U.S. played in worsening it.

Show notes for Ep. 1453

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The great Scott Horton joins us for a tour of half a dozen countries with an update on the status of the War on Terror in each.

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Show notes for Ep. 1452

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In 2002 the University of Missouri accepted a multi-million dollar bequest whose stipulation was that it hire professors working within the tradition of the Austrian School of economics. It has recently been discovered that of course it did no such thing. Its efforts to cover its tracks are actually laughable. This is a fun one.

Show notes for Ep. 1451

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In 1979, as the Iranian Revolution was under way, Jimmy Carter called the 1953 ouster of Iranian prime minister "ancient history." But it wasn't. It poisoned Iranian-American relations through the late 1970s and indeed has continued to do so to this day. Hunt Tooley joins me to discuss this overlooked piece of history.

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Show notes for Ep. 1450

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Keynesians like to pretend that they're impartial scientists, following the evidence wherever it leads. We, meanwhile, are portrayed as too blinded by ideology to be worth listening to. So today I run through some very challenging episodes for Keynesians to explain, and we see who the real scientists are.

Show notes for Ep. 1449

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The prolific and sorely underrated Connor Boyack, president of the Libertas Institute, is back with still more important work. For years libertarians have wrung their hands about the lack of materials for younger people, particularly in economics. How to convey these important ideas to kids? Connor actually did something about it. In fact, since our last conversation Connor has made three substantial contributions to our movement. Don't miss them. They are exactly what we needed, but which we lacked the ambition to do.

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Show notes for Ep. 1448

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This episode covers Anglo-American politics between the world wars, and includes coverage of Winston Churchill, including libertarian and conservative critiques.

Show notes for Ep. 1447

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I get into detail about the lead-up to the crisis of 2008, the problems the federal government and the Federal Reserve caused, and why explanations other than the free-market one fail. This episode is drawn from my appearance on the Cash Flow Connections podcast.

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Show notes for Ep. 1446

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It's been 100 years since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I. That treaty had a profound impact -- entirely for ill -- on the course of the twentieth century. Historian Hunt Tooley joins me to assess the damage.

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Show notes for Ep. 1445

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The indefatigable Scott Horton, the great libertarian foreign-policy expert, just reached a truly amazing milestone: his five thousandth interview. We look back over 20+ years of Scott's work -- and in so doing, review the course of U.S. foreign policy during these critical years.

Show notes for Ep. 1444

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Carla Gericke, past president of the Free State Project, joins me for an update from New Hampshire and to discuss some important local issues that affect many communities. She has been at the forefront of a campaign against surveillance cameras, as well as securing the release of a list of bad cops -- a list that a major state official is trying to keep suppressed.

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Show notes for Ep. 1443

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James Otteson is the author of an excellent new book: Honorable Business: A Framework for Business in a Just and Humane Society. He discusses the purpose of business, outlines a sound approach to business ethics, and contends that contrary to popular prejudice, business can play an important role in building a just and humane society. So I ask him, as devil's advocate: can there be a genuine code of business ethics in a market economy? Wouldn't the most unscrupulous earn the highest profits and displace more ethical firms? And as for business firms and "treating people the right way," as Otteson titles one of his chapters, what about businesses whose closures decimate a whole town? Plenty to discuss in this important episode!

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Show notes for Ep. 1442

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You can't just go out and buy shaving cream anymore; you'd better know the company's stance on fashionable issues, lest people attack you for conniving at oppression. It's part of the left's fantasy of politicizing all of life.

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Show notes for Ep. 1441

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Justin Raimondo, who died last week, had been the soul of since its creation in 1995, and wrote over 3,000 columns during his tenure. The great libertarian foreign-policy expert Scott Horton joins me to discuss Justin's life, work, and views.

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Show notes for Ep. 1440

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I talk to Mike Maharrey about the arguments we often hear from some religious folks, on both left and right, against the market economy. (We answer these arguments, of course.) This episode is taken from my appearance on Mike's Godarchy podcast.)

Show notes for Ep. 1439

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