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With price inflation spiking, Dan Held is here to talk Bitcoin with us. Dan is the Director of Growth Marketing at Kraken. His former company Interchange, a portfolio reconciliation tool for crypto institutional traders, was acquired by Kraken in 2019. Prior to that, Dan was at Uber on Rider Growth/Global Data. Before Uber, Dan built some of the most popular early crypto products including ChangeTip (acquired by AirBnB), and ZeroBlock (acquired by in the second ever all-Bitcoin acquisition). He was part of the original 2013 crypto meetup group in San Francisco that included the founders of Coinbase, Ripple, Kraken, and others.

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The great and controversial James Delingpole reports from the UK on what our overlords have been up to, what else they have in store, and topics only James Delingpole could dream up.

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