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With price inflation now evident to everyone, I decided to revisit some fallacies (like Elizabeth Warren's claim that price increases are caused by "greed") about inflation and fiat money.

Show notes for Ep. 2016

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With Thanksgiving over and Advent approaching, people have begun thinking about Christmas 2021 -- and there are plenty of Christmas-related fallacies to smash. Tom Mullen joins me for an anti-state Christmas.

Show notes for Ep. 2015

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Economic ignorance and stupidity just won't go away, but for the sake of all that's decent we have to keep fighting it. Caleb Fuller of Grove City College joins us to discuss some common goofs.

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Show notes for Ep. 2014

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Patrick Newman joins me to discuss two issues in 19th-century economic history that your textbook covers cartoonishly: money and banking, and internal improvements.

Show notes for Ep. 2013

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Democrats and some Republicans favor adding women to the military draft. "Proponents of the change see the move as a victory for women's rights," says Roll Call. Eric Brakey and I discuss.

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Show notes for Ep. 2012

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Mises Institute president Jeff Deist joins me to discuss the significance of Kyle Rittenhouse and the way the two Americas saw it.

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Show notes for Ep. 2011

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Ken McCarthy perceived the commercial potential of the Internet before almost anyone, and is considered the godfather of Internet marketing. Paul Krugman, meanwhile, claimed in the 1990s that the Internet's effect on the economy would be no greater than that of the fax machine. Ken and I have a wide ranging discussion of book publishing, online business, copywriting, and a lot more, in one of my favorite of my over 2000 episodes.

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Show notes for Ep. 2010

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Marco Bassani fills in the sections of 19th-century US history your teacher left out, particularly involving state resistance to the federal government.

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Show notes for Ep. 2009

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Matt Kibbe and I talk about public speaking, the role of politics, the government's virus response and how to know it's been b.s., whether libertarians are "individualists" who neglect "society," whether we think life is all about dollars and cents, and a lot more. One of my favorite conversations.

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Show notes for Ep. 2008

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This episode discusses easily accessible alternatives to the state's schools.


Show notes for Ep. 2007

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The Fifth Circuit recently affirmed its stay of the Biden vaccine mandate. I review the text of its decision and discuss the highlights.

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Show notes for Ep. 2006

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Phil Labonte of All That Remains talks libertarianism (he credits ol' Woods here with radicalizing him) talks music, Covid, and whether he's white or black pilled.

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Show notes for Ep. 2005

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Paula Wright joins us to discuss feminism in its various forms, and what if anything it commits people to other than equal access to opportunities for women.

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Show notes for Ep. 2004

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Addison Quale of Monetary Metals joins us to discuss gold and sound money, and a way we can start moving toward it even without the pronouncements of legislators.

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Show notes for Ep. 2003

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Investor and economist Mark Skousen warns that our movement tends to be so pessimistic about the economy that we miss out on income growth opportunities and have nothing to show for it but a bunch of botched predictions.

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Show notes for Ep. 2002

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One of my favorite episodes of all time. Broadway actor Clifton Duncan discusses his evolution from someone who was generally panicked about COVID to an immovable foe of vaccinate mandates, even at tremendous cost to himself.

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Show notes for Ep. 2001

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What an amazing celebration we had at the luxurious Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida, on October 16 for the 2000th episode of the Tom Woods Show. Hosted by Jeff Deist, the episode includes appearances by Tom Woods Show favorites like Scott Horton, Doc Dixon, Angela McArdle, Michael Boldin, Eric July, Lyn Ulbricht, Jimmy Morrison, The Pholosopher, Tho Bishop, Michael Maresco, Caryn Ann Harlos, and Michael Malice. Video is better than audio for this episode, but if audio is all you have, that's fine, too. It's entertaining all the way through, I promise.

Show notes for Ep. 2000

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Patrick Newman discusses his brand new study of the history of cronyism over two and a half centuries of American history.

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Show notes for Ep. 1999

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Jim Ostrowski joins us to get to the bottom of the regime's manipulation of language, and what its terms really mean.

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Show notes for Ep. 1998

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